NONTOX® is a non-toxic, non-selective herbicide for the protection of crops, and native and non-target plants


Does not adversely affect the eco system

No crop runoff

No leaching or land run-off

Safe to use around young children

Safe for aquatic areas and waterways

Fast acting

Safe around pets and domestic animals

No user permit required


Nontox® has a variety of uses in the marketplace not limited to use as a herbicide. 


Other applications include as defoliant on cotton crops to stimulate the opening of buds to accelerate harvest, control of ‘blue green algal blooms’ in dams, rivers and recreational waterholes. 

Nontox® will be available for purchase in late 2019. Please contact us to find out more.  


Nontox® has completed efficacy trials on the most common and destructive weeds in Australia, including Blackberry Bush, Bathurst Burr and Khaki Weed.

Nontox® has been accepted into the DPI's GATE initiative. Click on the banner below for more details. 

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