Nontox Pty Ltd has developed a revolutionary herbicide that is totally non-toxic, bio-degradable and non-selective.


NONTOX® represents a catalyst for changing practices for farmers, gardeners, irrigators, golf courses and Councils.

NONTOX® herbicide formulation is capable of spray application in any outdoor area including waterways where algae blooms can develop, a natural, organic alternative to the widely used products containing glyphosate.

NONTOX® is a much safer alternative to other available herbicides which contain poisons that leave toxic residues being dispersed into the environment.

Potential for Nontox® 

Nontox® Environmental Services has developed and patented a revolutionary herbicide that is totally

non-toxic, bio-degradable and non-selective.


Nontox® has been under research and development with a series of trials and tests by agriculturalists and organic farmers for 10 years.

There is a growing demand for farmers to find suitable Organic Herbicides that will maintain high yields without degrading soils, harming the environment or put chemicals into the food chain.

People choosing to grow their own food  to maximise nutrient intake are also searching for natural growth products that are effective.

The product is currently in the final stages of re-certification under current legislation with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)


Following experimental field trials conducted in respect of the following species:

Family Common Name Botanical Name


Cotton Bush Gomphcarpus  spp


Billy Goat Weed Ageratum houstonianum,

Bindii Soliva pterosperma

Cobblers Pegs Bidens pilosa

Fire.weed Senecio spp

Flatweed Hypochoeris  radicata

Groundsel Baccharis halimifolia Japanese

Sunflower Tithonia diversifolia

Milk Thistle Sonchus oleraceus

Mist Flower Ageratina riparia

Potato Weed Galinsoga parviflora

Stinking Roger Tagetes inuta


Kidney Weed Dichondra repens


Mullimbimby Couch Cyperus brevifolius FABACEAE

Clover Trifolium subteeraneum  Legume Macroptilium lathyroides

Phasey Bean Macroptilium lathyroides

Rattle Pod Crotalaria sp


Blady Grass Imperata cylindrica

Carpet Grass Axonopus spp

Kikuyu Pennisetum clandestinum

Paspalum Paspalum dilitatum

Serrated Tussock Nassella trichotoma

Giant Rat’s Tail Grass Sporobolus pyramidalis


Wild Tobacco Solanum sp


Lantana –  spp


Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus species aggregate)

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