Australian invention makes weed management safer

Weeds have long been a major threat to the natural environment and primary production industries, and widely used herbicides have been questioned regarding their ongoing success rate and safe use. Now, a new weed killer is about to hit the market offering a sustainable and safe solution.

Australian developed NonTox® is a proven organic, non-toxic, biodegradable weed killer that is already gaining considerable attention and credibility, following outstanding results in independent trials.

Selected by the NSW Department of Primary Industries to be part of its GATE (Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem) program, extensive broad acre trials are planned to treat glyphosate resistant weeds and a variety of spot-spraying environments.

The excitement is understandable with Australian agribusiness spends four billion dollars per annum managing weeds and they cost the environment another four billion dollars.

“Grain producers for example, lose an average of 276 metric tonnes of grain per annum due to weed proliferation,” NonTox® director, Mr Garrett explained. “While glyphosate-based herbicides have been successful in weed management historically, their reign seems to be coming to an end.

“In recent years, more and more weed species have become tolerant to glyphosate, due to a continuous reliance on its mode of action for control, and a lack of rotation in spray schedules.

“Much of the evidence now points towards the need for a critical change to weed management practices to protect ourselves and the environment.”

Solving a Global Issue

There is now global demand for an alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides that can be applied safely in agriculture, around playgrounds, parks and homes.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced his government will ban glyphosate in 2021, and sooner if a viable alternative can be found.

Chemists and plant scientists have been searching for a natural, safe alternative to glyphosate-based herbicides, but the agricultural industry has been skeptical about the efficacy of organic, non-toxic and biodegradable herbicides offering the solution.

NonTox® is a proven organic, non-toxic, biodegradable weed killer that was approved for manufacture and sale by the Australian Pesticides & Medicine Authority (APVMA) in September 2017.

“It has been tested and proven to be highly successful in treating many grasses, broadleaf weeds, thistles, blackberry and lantana including the growing list of Glyphosate resistant weeds,” Mr Garrett said.

“As well as being effective it’s a cost-comparative option, and industries lining up to use NonTox® include organic and traditional vineyards, Councils and Local government authorities, Golf clubs and rail corridor managers.”

What’s next for NonTox®?

Our next phase will involve the up scaling of our laboratory and batching plant, delivering a cost-effective, transportable and easily applied product, that can be ordered through our website.

With an application for European Union product registration for underway, the NonTox® team is taking advantage of fast track approvals for organic products, enabling countries like France to deliver on their promise to replace glyphosate within three years. Australia continues to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation and we’re excited to share the future of weed management with you.

IMAGE: Photo by Jan Kopřiva

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