NonTox - The Healthier Alternative

Herbicides were developed in attempt to manage the spread of weeds, and there are countless types on the market today, the most familiar and successful being based on the chemical, glyphosate.

In the last decade about 6.1 billion kilograms of glyphosate has been applied worldwide in agriculture, and a great deal of controversy has followed, with regard to the effects of long term use on human health, soil degradation and the ever-growing list of weeds that are resistant to its effects.

NonTox® intends to expand its trial collaborations with the Department of Primary Industries and help fund research in areas where new weed management techniques are called for.

We have the privilege of working alongside some of the best weed scientists in Australia who are enthusiastically combining with us to attack the weed and glyphosate problem.

Extensive successful trialing ensures NonTox® enters the commercial environment in a strong position, safe in the knowledge it is highly effective and safe for humans and the environment.

Photo byGary BendigonUnsplash

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