Bulk: 1000 L drum

Bulk: 1000 L drum


NonTox is highly effective nontoxic, environmentally friendly non-selective bioherbicide with a very low inherent toxicity risk of harm for the end user, humans, animals, and for the local and general ecosystem (environment).


It’s ideal for treating a wide variety of domestic weeds, including a number that have become herbicide resistant.


It comes in a ready to use (RTU) form so no mixing is required. Please follow the application instructions on the label.


The product has a slight yellow tinge to it and a somewhat pleasant citrus smell.


The product price includes gst. for Australian customers. Shipping costs will be invoiced seperately for bulk purchases and will show as $0 at checkout for online purchases. You can also pickup the item at out factory in Mudgee. Alternatively, contact us to discuss other shipping options. 

  • Refunds and Returns

    At NonTox we’re very proud of the efficacy of our product and its ability to kill weeds, but equally want you the customer to be just as happy. Should you not be entirely satisfied, please contact us for product advice and to discuss your concerns.

    In the event the product fails to do what it is specified to do on the label, within 30 days of receipt of the product, we are happy to discuss the refund or replacement of the unused product.

    NonTox is compliant with the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwth) and refunds will be issued in compliance with this legislation.


    If there is a fault with the product NonTox will cover the cost of the return shipping fee via our shipping agent. However, one of our technicians will need discuss the application of the product to better understand what went wrong, and whether or not there is a fault with the product prior to approval being given for it to be returned for analysis.

  • Shipping

    Shipping costs for the bulk container of NonTox will depend on where you you live. The item will show as $0 shipping for online purchases, but we will send you an invoice for shipping via email when your postcode is provided to us during checkout. The shipping is likely to be around $80-$100 for delivery in Australia. For international customers wanting to try NonTox please contact us for more information. 

  • Instruction on how to use NonTox

    Usage Instructions

    An effective weed kill is achieved by thoroughly wetting the weed with a coarse spray, ensuring all foliage is covered. You will see the weed start to die within hours of spraying. 

    Standard domestic spraying equipment with plastic nozzles are best to be used with NonTox, but there are differences between how you spray and the rate of spraying when comparing it to traditional chemically based systemic herbicides, such as glyphosate. 

    Prior to spraying adjust the spray nozzle to produce a course spray that will soak the weed, a fine mist will not suffice. You will use approximately 100ml of spray per square metre, depending on the density of weeds. Larger weeds or more dense populations will require more product. 

    At the completion of spraying ensure you thoroughly clean your equipment, including flushing clean water through the spray nozzle. 

    NonTox is a contact herbicide, do not spray when there is the possibility spray drift could contact and kill plants you do not want killed!

    Do not spray if weeds are wet or rain is likely within at least four hours of spraying. The plant needs time to absorb NonTox without being diluted. 

    For more information on spraying see the instructions on the NonTox product label.